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Emory University was in the process of moving their PeopleSoft architecture to virtual environments as well as upgrading Human Resources and Campus Solutions from 8.9 to 9.0. In order to vet their new hardware for both capacity and throughput, Emory University contacted PSTuners to design a load testing strategy for both products. PSTuners designed a load testing strategy that consisted of the environments' highest capacity transactions which included:

  • Add a Class
  • Enrollment
  • Communication messaging
  • View paycheck
  • Benefits enrollment

These transactions are most likely to cause a large spike in traffic during student registration or open benefits enrollment. After numerous iterations of load testing and PSTuners environment tuning, Emory University was able to validate their new infrastructure changes for both environments. This allowed them to go into student registration with confidence.

Return Engagement:
Emory University re-engaged PSTuners to test their PeopleSoft Financials 9.1 upgrade. Tests included were

  • Creating an Expense report
  • Create a journal
  • View journal
  • View voucher

The transactions above were complex but we were able to confirm their current architecture would be able to support the required number of concurrent users for their upcoming go-live.

We want to pull the covers off the mystery that is the PeopleSoft Internet Architecture.

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