Oracle Training & Education

Learn the nuts and bolts of the Oracle Tuxedo and Oracle WebLogic engine as it relates to the day to day administration of PeopleSoft.

Our classes review:

  • Performance bottlenecks inherent with the out-of-the-box Oracle configuration
  • The secrets of the psappsrv.ubx file, the most critical file in the overall performance of the application service
  • The over 50 performance tuning parameters that are not set in the environment
  • Proper optimization of each organization’s online PeopleSoft environment, with a focus on the web server and Tuxedo application server
  • Tuning the organization’s Oracle Tuxedo Operating System (Windows, Unix, Linux) to create the foundation of performance improvements

Instructor-led classes are available both onsite and remotely.

We want to pull the covers off the mystery that is the PeopleSoft Internet Architecture.

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